Blue Planet Chocolates Delta 8 THC Sleepy Time Bar

Blue Planet Chocolates Delta 8 THC Sleepy Time Bar

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The bar contains: 500 mg Delta 8, 100 mg CBN and 250 mg Valerian Root

Our Synergy Sleepy Time Bar is designed to address the needs of those who have difficulty sleeping. Whether you are having trouble falling asleep, or more commonly staying asleep, the Blue Planet Chocolate delta 8 Sleep Bar has achieved many successes and may be a game changer when it comes to a good nights sleep and feeling refreshed in the morning. (1)

Valerian root helps you relax and sleep. Often referred to as nature’s Valium. This herb has been used since ancient times to promote tranquility and improve sleep. Valerian root contains a number of compounds that may promote sleep and reduce anxiety.

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